• Dormi says:

    Loved listening…especially hearing beautiful Faith”s voice again…miss her (went to Africa with her to “love on babies”). Bobby you are doing a neat thing here! Enjoyed all your topics even living so far away in Napa, .CA. All very real, authentic and you and Faith are definitely good people!
    P.S. we have 3 kids and that’s too much ;).LOL..John my husband and I each came from a family of 5 and wanted 5 children but all pregnancies hard (pre-term) and last baby was 7 1/2 weeks early and got RDS almost lost him and they said we had 50% chance of having more babies with that…by almost losing him…wasnt gonna do that again! Loved you two! Love your transparency! Wish we lived closer because we’d be best friends! Take Care…will keep listening!!

    • rfalkenberg says:

      Thank you! Faith and I enjoyed and appreciated your message! She is happy to hear from you. I welcome you as a listener! Thank you for sharing your experience as well; that’s why I’m doing this! And always feel free to comment, call the hotline or send an email! I appreciate your feedback and support!

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