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  • Doug says:

    A couple things…

    1. Faith should have definitely made you an Easter basket. Can’t believe she dropped the ball on that one. Smh

    2. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the historical nature of Jesus. After soul searching, lots of praying and reflecting, I lost my belief in him.

    The first gospel written was 70 years after he allegedly died, and none of them were written by anyone who had ever known or ever seen Jesus. There would have been many learned men around him, Jewish and Roman. Yet no one thought to write about any of the miracles alleged in the Bible.

    With all the mysticism and superstition and misunderstanding of the world that people had at that time, coupled with no contemporaneous writings about Jesus, it became too much of a stretch for me continue believing. Honestly, I find it more plausible that he was a made up character, an amalgamation of previous and current so called saviors, than that he actually lived and walked the earth.

    That said, I do miss the church in many aspects and I wish that there were some answers from a higher power. But when I studied the Bible from a historical perspective from the exodus of Egypt to the death of Jesus Christ, there was just too much that didn’t add up.

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