• Mary Kay Lively says:

    Hey Bobby. I’ve been thinking about your sober journey lately. I’m glad you shared it here. I quit drinking almost six months ago. People ask why and I have a hard time giving an exact reason, but I think it boils down to “slowing down the clock”. At 62 years old, I’ve started worrying that I’ll follow the path of my mom and grandma into dimentia. They both loved to drink. I’m feeling all of the benefits that you mentioned. Sometimes I think I’ll go back, wondering if I’m still fun… Anyway, loved reading about your journey and knowing that a break is beneficial even if I decide to return to the drinking world one day.

    • Lots of truth there, Mary Kay! That’s a great reason to quit. Like you said, stick with it if you want to, but don’t feel guilty if you pick it up again. Thank you for reading and your feedback!!!

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