• Nivek draw says:

    Late last year I was diagnosed with hypogonadism. Feeling lost and betrayed by this easily treatable condition I quickly began to spin out of control. Depression, thoughts of transgender re-assignment, careless high risk sexual activity with my wife, and I had even started drinking beer at 8pm on every 3rd Friday instead of every 4th Friday. I had hit rock bottom…. and then in the waiting room for my first testosterone shot to treat my condition I casually started listening to a frenemies podcast! Within hours my life had changed. My physical energy, sexual energy and overall quality of life changed! Cause of action gave me the focus to not nap at work, casually look at free porn on the internet, remain focused on my goals and most importantly I quit asking my wife to wear the Pillsbury doughboy costume in the bedroom. Modern medicine disputes my claim and tries to take credit for this newfound outlook on life. But anyone who has listened to charismatic snake charmer Bobby, and his vocally talented and embarrassingly beautiful bride Faith knows that the change in my life is a result of their podcast! Cause of action is the cocaine if the iTunes Store was studio 54!

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